Augmented reality (AR) is becoming widely used in construction industry for training, education, onsite inspection and etc. In this paper, the authors developed a AR-based learning tool for construction engineering students and evaluated the impact of AR for students’ learning performance. The tool, ARBridge, was developed using PTC Vuforia, AutoDesk Revit, Sketchup, and Unity. Various types of bridge structure can be supported for learning in this tool. After completion of the tool development, 40 undergraduate students are divided into experimental group and control group to learn a mini-module on bridge engineering using the ARBridge and traditional education way. Pre-experiment and post-experiment tests were conducted for the 40 students. Result findings collected and analyzed from case-based experiment, feedback survey and interview demonstrated the suitability of the app to evidently enhance students’ learning experience and knowledge-acquisition process through application of the technology in educational settings as a supplementary teaching material in learning components of complex bridge structures.


Materials processing, Construction materials, Construction equipment, Bridge components, Inspection, Training, Engineering education, Students


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