With the social progress and economic development, people have put forward requirements for the ecological operation of built reservoirs. However, there are conflicts between the ecological landscape and the existing benefits such as irrigation and flood control, so it is necessary to build a decision-making model for the comprehensive value of the ecological operation of reservoirs. Taking a reservoir project which needs to satisfy multi-objective requirements as an example, this paper proposes a set of decision-making methods for ecological operation of built reservoirs based on improved comprehensive fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and constructs a multi-objective decision-making model and optimization strategy combination. Through case analysis in this paper, the improved comprehensive fuzzy evaluation method has a good effect on multi-objective decision-making of ecological dispatching of built reservoirs. The research shows that the combination strategy of improving the reservoir’s water storage capacity and the water-saving supporting transformation measures has a good effect, which can reduce the waste of the reservoir diversion project and large-scale high-efficiency water-saving transformation project construction. It embodies the idea of water-saving priorities and space balance and has broad application prospects in the optimization of reservoir ecological dispatch.

Constructed reservoir; Ecological dispatching; Improved comprehensive fuzzy evaluation method; Multi-objective decision making; Optimization strategy


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