Currrent Teaching

  • Present2019

    CA8028 Strategies for Planning and Construction

    This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to appreciate the strategies and approaches for planning and construction field. Students are expected to understand all stakeholders in a community should work together to analyze, compare, contrast and prioritize different development alternatives for a sustainable future. Various methods and approaches, such as state preference survey, choice experiment, contingent valuation and others will be discussed and explored by the students.

  • Present2018

    GE2303 Save the Earth : Sustainable Development

    The Chief Executive of the HKSAR stated in his 1999 Policy Address that building Hong Kong into a world-class city and making it a clean, comfortable and pleasant place in which to live would require a fundamental change in mindset. Every citizen, every business and every government department and bureau needs to start working in partnership to achieve sustainable development. Sustainable development does not focus solely on environmental issues. More broadly, sustainable development policies encompass three general policy areas: economic, environmental and social. This course will aim to raise students’ awareness of all three areas.

  • Present2017

    CA3168 Building Information Modelling for Capital Projects

    This course is an introduction courses to BIM and provides students hands-on experience for applying BIM technologies to construction projects. This project-based course would allow the students to gain knowledge in implementing BIM throughout the lifecycle of capital projects, from planning, design, to construction, operation and demolition. In class, the course will only provide an introductory on BIM software tools instead of full-coverage training on software. Students are expected to conduct self-learning and exploring of the software to become able to use the tools effectively.

  • Present2016

    CA5106 Project Management

    The aims of this course are to provide the students with an in-depth and advanced understanding of the project management principles. The rationale behind the choice of procurement strategies will be examined. In order to keep up with current ever-changing construction environment, not only the traditional fragmented approach of project management will be discussed, an integral approach, including value, supply chain, information, safety, health, risk assessment will also be examined. Construction project collaboration including partnering in various forms and with other countries, especially with PRC is also included in this course. Accordingly, issues in cross-cultural considerations and PRC ventures will also be discussed.

  • Present2016

    CA2418 Green Building and Construction

    This course provides an introduction to green construction, with a focus on design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings. Students will understand the overall process of green design, construction, and operation. Including the application of Hong Kong BEAM Plus, and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating systems. Students are prepared to take the LEED for Green Associate Exam for LEED GA Accreditation after completing this course.

  • Present2015

    CA5603 Professional Research Methods

    To inspire the students a thorough understanding of the basic philosophy and requirements of research works in terms of concepts, methodology, logic thinking and importance of presentation.

Teaching History

  • 20182017

    CA3422 Decision Analysis and Risk Management for Construction

    This course aims to provide students with an overview of decision making and analysis, risk management in a context of complex environments in construction practices. It covers modeling uncertainty, the methods and technologies used for decision analysis and making, risk management process and techniques on construction projects.

  • 20172015

    CA3411 Construction Management I

    This course aims to provide students with the knowledge on the general management principles and theories in the construction industry. Topics including planning and scheduling techniques, principle management, management of resources in a construction project, IT applications in the construction process.

  • 20182015

    GE2330 Smart and Sustainable City: A Liveable Future Through Technologies

    It is estimated that nearly 70% of the world population will live in cities in 2050. In the meanwhile, cities around the world are facing more enormous and complex challenges due to widespread urbanization, climate changes, energy crisis, air pollutions, traffic congestions and economic pressure. We expect these issues can be mitigated through the adoption of information and communication technologies (JCT) to encourage sustainable development, increase efficiency and improve quality of life. Therefore, the concept of smart and sustainable city is emerging as a new approach to city operations. This course will introduce the concept, framework and key technologies of smart cities in different fields (e.g., transportation, buildings), as well as discuss the impacts and barriers for implementing the concept of smart cities. Throughout the course, students will not only learn the key technologies in designing and implementing solutions for a smart and sustainable city, but also understand the challenges for implementing these solutions. Students are encouraged in critical thinking to adopt technological solutions to achieve smart and sustainable cities. Students will learn these topics through lectures, case studies, self-study and group projects.

  • 20172015

    GE2253 Real Estate Development : Principles and Process

    Real estate plays a fundamental important role in the economy and employment across the world, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe, and the United States. The real estate industry covers public housing, residential buildings, commercial office buildings, logistic and industrial buildings and others. This 3 credit unit courses aims at providing students with an overview of the real estate development using projects in different areas as examples. Students will be involved in lecture, site visits, case studies, group projects and in-class discussions.

  • 20152014

    GE2327 Green and Intelligent Buildings

    Intelligent Green Building integrating green building design and intelligent technology is a global trend at the present time. Intelligent Buildings require cooperation between traditional building trades; building automation; Green Building specialists; experts in new technologies like lighting control, digital signage, and intelligent bathrooms; and Information Technology specialists to integrate building systems and enterprise information systems. Governments in the world are proposing different incentive schemes to promote it and industries are ready to take benefits.  Therefore, the course should be of interested to students from all disciplines.

  • 20192014

    CA4615 Advanced Construction Technology

    The course aims to deepen and widen the study of the principles of advanced construction for high rise construction, underground structures, long span construction; consolidate the knowledge of the strengthening and testing of materials.

  • 20182014

    CA3154 Computer Application in Construction

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  • 20162014

    CA3421 Decision Making and Operational Techniques for Engineering Management

    The course aims to provide a comprehension of the advanced decision making theories, and operational research techniques in the management of construction; develop the ability to utilize advanced mathematical techniques in research studies.

  • 20152014

    CA5238 Building Energy and Daylighting

    To study the energy consumption and conservation in buildings, building services energy saving issues, study of the provision of daylighting, control of luminous environments, the supporting building systems, and their integration into the overall building design.

  • 20152014

    CA2111 Construction Environment

    This course aims to introduce the students to the Hong Kong building and construction environment and to develop their understanding of environmental protection issues.